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Saturday | July 12, 2003

Democrats evenly matched against Bush

Let's take a gander at Bush's reelect numbers in the latest Newsweek poll.

"In general, would you like to see George W. Bush reelected to another term as president, or not?"

July 03
Yes: 47
No: 46
Don't know: 7

May 03
Yes: 51
No: 38
Don't know: 11

April 03
Yes: 52
No: 38
Don't know: 10

As for Bush vs. the current crop of candidates:
Bush: 50
Kerry: 42
Undecided: 8

Bush: 51
Gephardt: 42
Undecided: 7

Bush: 51
Edwards: 39
Undecided: 10

Bush: 52
Lieberman: 39
Undecided: 10

Bush: 53
Dean: 38
Undecided: 9

These are obviously still terribly early numbers. What's interesting is that all of the major candidates fare about the same as the others, especially considering the fairly big margin of error (+/- 4 points). Perhaps this could help lay waste to silly argument that one of the major candidates is "more electable" than the others.

Lieberman is just as electable as Dean. Dean is just as electable as Kerry. Edwards is just as electable as Gephardt.

Posted July 12, 2003 03:07 PM


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