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Saturday | July 19, 2003

Time for Democrats to retake the House

As if we needed another reason to retake the House...

Irate Democrats and Republicans swapped insults and accusations during a stormy congressional committee meeting on Friday that saw one member called "a fruitcake" and the chairman summon police.

The two sides dispute why the police were called to the House Ways and Means Committee room during a meeting in which the panel was considering pension legislation.

Republicans said they felt physically threatened, while Democrats said the Republican chairman had the police called to try to stop them from meeting separately to discuss the bill in a committee side room.

"Physically intimidated" say the Republicans -- you know, the Party of Bad Asses and Tough Guys (TM).
Republicans insisted the police were called not to evict Democrats, but because Stark had threatened Colorado Republican Scott McInnis.

"We were within moments ... of a physical engagement and I considered that threat serious," McInnis told the House. "I fully intended to defend myself."

Democrats scoffed at McInnis' account, pointing out that Stark is 72, while McInnis is 50.

So let's get this straight, the GOP is the party of macho tough men, yet they:
  1. refuse to serve our nation in uniform; and

  2. cower in fear from the "physical threats" of a 72-year-old?
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Do McInnis' Colorado constituents know what a wuss their congressman is?

Posted July 19, 2003 01:39 AM


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