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Tuesday | July 22, 2003

Hadley borrows Tenet's sword

Boy, those guys in the White House. Still looking for someone to take the fall for Bush's 16-words.

So now it's Rice's deputy at the NSA, Stephen Hadley.

Except I thought that was supposed to be Tenet's fault.

But then it wasn't Tenet. So it was Hadley. Case closed!

Except ... wouldn't Rice have responsibility for reviewing her deputy's work? I mean, we're talking SOTU here.

And let's not forget the pictures of Bush, carefully reviewing every word of the speech.

Except for those 16 words, of course. Those were all Hadley's fault.

And remember, the president is not responsible for the words that come out of his mouth.

And if he's not responsible for his own words, why the heck would he be responsible for the fabrications of his own administration. It's not like the buck stops at his desk or anything noble like that.

And if Bush isn't responsible for his own words, or the actions of his own administration, why should Condi Rice? Nah, it can't be her fault, though it's clear she knew the Niger claim was b.s.

Let some low-ranking unknown character take the fall.

So press, there's your sacrifical lamb. Case closed.

Just like when we offered up Tenet.

Posted July 22, 2003 03:43 PM


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