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Wednesday | July 23, 2003

Saddam's sons are dead. War is over! Or is it...

Even as the administration and its backers brag about the deaths of Saddam's sons, claiming it signals the coming end of the war, attacks on our soldiers continue unabated. Almost ignored by the media (which is focusing on the Uday and Qusay deaths), are the latest allied deaths in Iraq: a soldier of the 101st in Mosul (in an attack that also wounded seven others), a soldier of the 3rd ACR in Ar Ramadi (in an attack that also wounded two more), and a Brit who died after collapsing during a training run.

That's five allied deaths, 13 wounded in the past two days. Four of them from hostile action (as though the Brit's death is any less meaningful).

US and/or British forces could bag Saddam, and it would be worth nothing more than a propaganda boost. The guerilla war is not about restoring Saddam, it's about all the things Steve G. has talked about ad infinitum -- anti-colonialism, Jihad, self-determination, etc.

The quicker they bag Saddam, the quicker the Bush Administration will lose that convenient boogeyman. Until we can acknowledge the true causes of the uprising against US forces, we won't be able to apply the proper solutions.

(Info via the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count website.)

Posted July 23, 2003 08:58 AM


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