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Friday | July 25, 2003

Cattle Call 2004: 7/25

I came close to cancelling this edition of the Cattle Call, since I really am getting tired of all the internal sniping

But instead, I decided to take folkbum's suggestion and turn this Cattle Call into a drinking game (hey, it is Friday, after all!):

Has anyone else thought about making this comment thread into a drinking game? Take drink when someone posts that
  • Lieberman's a Republican
  • Dean is unelectable
  • Kos is just Deanist propaganda
  • Kos should include Clark in the rankings
  • Gephardt has no eyebrows
  • it's too late for Clark to enter
  • it's not too late for Clark to enter
  • Kos ignored the fact that Edwards had a good week (DavidNYC's addition to the list)
I would add
X is unelectable
since that argument is now used by the backers of just about every candidate out there (except for Kucinich fans, who just want to enjoy their guy until it's time to back the Democratic nominee).

Look, none of our non-fringe candidates are unelectable. The way things are going for Bush, maybe none of our candidates will be unelectable.

I have looked at the maps and trends and believe firmly that this is the Democrat's election to lose. So let's get beyond the "who is electable" bs. Argue passionately about your guy, but as a rule of thumb, don't make arguments you'll regret after our nominee is chosen.

Anyway, last week's rankings: 1) Dean, 2) Kerry, 3) Gephardt, 4) Edwards, 5) Lieberman, 6) Graham, 7) Kucinich, 8) Sharpton, and 9) Moseley-Braun.

All in all, a relatively quiet week as all press attention focused on Bush, his lies, the brewing battle between the intelligence agencies and the neocons, the deaths of the Husseins, and Kobe Bryant.

1. Howard Dean
Relatively quiet week. It seems everyone is still either writing about how unelectable he is, or how supremely electable he is. I'm sure the other candidates would kill for this exposure. Anti-war position still looks better every day. His national poll numbers continue to rise, while his top place finish (tied with the other top guns) in California underscore his increasing appeal.

2. Dick Gephardt
The latest Iowa poll, showing Gep with the big lead, was a huge boost. Big enough to push Kerry out of the way for the two-spot. Seems to have survived the "his campaign is in trouble" stories without longer-term damage.

3. John Kerry
Static in the polls, but still hasn't started full-bore campaigning. Has been aggressive against Bush, and it seems to be playing well. He looks much better on the stump. Still holds the lead in NH, but it's slipping.

4. John Edwards
Relatively quiet, though as I mentioned, it was a quiet week for everyone. He's cruising in the middle of the pack, hoarding his cash, readying it for his forthcoming ad blitz.

5. Joe Lieberman
Everyone repeat after me: Lieberman is not a conservative. He's not a Republican. Not by a longshot. Let's not eat our own, a la Jeffords. We may not like him for various reasons, but he's FAR to the left of Lincoln Chaffee -- the same GOP senator we all wish would switch sides.

Still, there hasn't been a single poll in the last four months anywhere showing him gaining support. His is a sinking ship.

6. Graham
So the juciest bits of the 9-11 report, the parts that would boost his candidacy to the next level, were all expunged from the final public report. Ouch. Still not showing in any polls. His fundraising sucks. And Clark is now the trendy choice for VP. Has anything gone his way this campaign?

7. Dennis Kucinich
With every major candidate now aboard the "let's criticize Bush for his war" bandwagon, it sucks what little media oxygen left for him. His supporters are passionate (which is always a good thing), but there aren't many.

8. Al Sharpton
He's still in the race. I can't think of much else to write about him this week.

9. Carol Moseley-Braun
After weeks of "down" arrows, I decided to throw her a mercy "up". Poor thing.

Others: Biden and Clark. Both will probably run. Ezra Klein over at Not Geniuses has some thoughts about what their entrances would mean to the race (Biden and Clark). I'll have my own thoughts on the matter in a future post.

Posted July 25, 2003 12:43 PM


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