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Friday | July 25, 2003

More on Texas, California

2003 wasn't supposed to be a blockbuster political year. Sure, we have important gubernatorial elections in LA, KY, and MS (which will provide the winning party with some momentum heading into 2004), but those weren't major engagements.

But the GOP has changed all of that with its efforts in the Texas redistricting fight and the California recall.

In Texas, the state Senate Democrats have blocked DeLay's redistricting plan with the help of a Republican colleague (guess who won't be invited to the Christmas party this year?).

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is now threatening to call a second redistricting session barring Democrats from employing traditional delaying tactics. Democrats, for their part, will boycott another session, denying that chamber the quorum it needs to be in session.

So will the GOP use the Homeland Security Agency and Texas DPS to hunt down and drag the Democrats back to Austin? Apparently not. Charles Kuffner has all the juicy details at the Political State Report.

While in California, there is talk that Green Peter Camejo's entry into the recall ballot will force Democrats to run a candidate in case Davis loses the recall portion of the ballot.

There's a lot more over at the Political State Report.

Posted July 25, 2003 02:18 PM


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