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Monday | July 28, 2003

Texas Dems disappear

The Killer D's are back, and this time it's in both of Texas' legislative chambers.

Kuffner has all the latest over at the Political State Report.

Since this special session had ended without DeLay's new redistricting plan, Guv Perry had decided to call a new special session just minutes after the first expired. But this time, Lt. Gov Dewhurst would refuse to implement traditional rules that allow Senate minorities to block legislation (a sort of filibuster).

In other words, Texas Dems would be unable to block the redistricting bill, and would see it approved on a simple majority vote.

But that apparently won't happen. Sufficient Democrats from both chambers (Texas House and Senate) have fled Austin to deny quorum.

A state judge will decide if the governor can send the Texas rangers after the missing legislators. If they can, then expect the Killer Ds to hole up in Oklahoma (or elsewhere) again. If not, then those legislators will be able to head home and go back to their day jobs, giving Perry and Dewhurst the middle finger all along the way.

Posted July 28, 2003 02:05 PM


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