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Tuesday | July 29, 2003

What is the DLC up to?

By Steve Gilliard

Is this any way to promote party unity?

Poll Finds Democrats Lack Crucial Support to Beat Bush

By Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 29, 2003; Page A03

PHILADELPHIA, July 28 -- Dramatic erosion in support among white men has left the Democrats in a highly vulnerable position and unless the party strongly repositions itself, President Bush will be virtually impossible to beat in 2004, according to a new poll commissioned for the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

"If Democrats can't close the security gap, then they can't be competitive in the next election," said Penn, who polled for Clinton in his second term and who is the pollster for the presidential campaign of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.).

............. Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), the DLC chairman, warned that the party is "at risk of being taken over by the far left." The choice for Democrats, Bayh said, is, "Do we want to vent or do we want to govern?"

I'm neutral on the Dem candidates, but this is stupid.

From and the DLC are picking a fight which clearly doesn't need to be fought. Look, white men do not win Democrats their elections and haven't since 1980. Are From and the DLC suggesting that the party shift focus and effort to appease a group which isn't voting democratic and isn't growing? Do these people look at demographic data?

"If we don't vote for Lieberman, Bush will crush us" seems to be the theme.

The attack on Dean as a lefty is, well given all the bad news this month, comical. Dean is about as lefty as Clinton. He just puts some fire into his speech. I cannot imagine how anyone who actually reads or listens to Dean thinks he's some kind of Green in Democratic clothing.

Why would they do this? To save Lieberman's faltering campaign? Also, given the growing dissatisfaction with Bush among traditionally loyal GOP groups, like veterans, this sudden "need" for white male voters seems to be ginned up to undercut Dean.

It isn't the Dean campaign changing finance chairmen and dropping in the polls.

I think its only fair to ask From and the DLC what exactly are their goals? To elect the next President of the US or their next president.

Dean is gathering up amazing strength and saving money, while getting really good press over the last couple of weeks. Why are From and the DLC seeking to undermine a candidate who is closer to their world view than Bush? Are they saying they would stay at home if Dean wins? Or that they're desperate to see anyone but Dean? Because one would think loyal Democrats would encourage the participation Dean has managed to gather and the Dems, whoever is chosen, will need next year.

Their poll is little better than a scare tactic from the last election. If we don't get white men, we'll lose. If they pick up a paper and read, there are plenty of unemployed people, people who's kin are being wounded and killed in Iraq. Many of them are white and may just decide that the GOP doesn't have their best interests at heart.

It also assumes that Blacks and Latinos will remain compliant and silent as the DLC shifts to appeal to a group which hasn't voted for democrats in large numbers in years.

Maybe its time other Democrats remind From that there is one party and one goal, defeating George Bush. Polls like this are doing Karl Rove's work for him and he's doing such a good job of undoing it, why is the DLC trying to help him?

Posted July 29, 2003 01:55 AM


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