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Tuesday | August 05, 2003

Why Bush fears California recall

Republicans in California have managed to spur a recall election of Democratic governor Gray Davis. Why? RecallGrayDavis.com leads with:

Never has there been a time where a politician had been more disingenuous in deceiving and misleading the public than Gray Davis. He knowingly lied through his teeth before the election about the size and scope of California’s $34.6 billion budget deficit.
RescueCalifornia.com also leads with the deficit:
Under Gray Davis, California went from a surplus to a record $34.8 Billion deficit - more than the deficits of all other states combined.
So the reasoning is clear -- Davis should be recalled, in large part, because of California's massive budget deficit.

Fair enough. Stupid to do it midterm rather than wait for the next election, but I'll concede massive deficits are a good reason to call for regime change.

So I'm sure California Republicans will join all of us to ensure Bush is defeated next year, right? Indeed, Bush projects record deficits of $450 billion this year and $475 billion next year.

And didn't he "lie through his teeth" about the state of the deficit? I remember when it was supposed to be a budget surplus of $387 billion in 2004 (and any criticism was 'fuzzy math'). Then it was a $307 billion deficit. Then it was negative $400 billion. And now it's $450 billion.

But here's the kicker -- the administration is still lying about the deficit, since it refuses to include the costs of the Iraq war.

So when all's said and done, I'll be happy to boot Davis from office. So long as the California GOP will join me in booting Bush from office.

If deficits are the mark of poor administration, then Bush has to go.


Posted August 05, 2003 12:30 AM


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