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Thursday | August 07, 2003

Latest SC poll, Edwards gaining

The latest numbers out of South Carolina:

Undecided: 48 (April: 47; January: 51)
Lieberman: 14 (Apr: 19; Jan: 22)
Edwards: 10 (Apr: 7; Jan: 8)
Gephardt: 8 (Apr: 9; Jan: 11)
Kerry: 6 (Apr: 8; Jan: 1)
Dean: 5 (Apr: 2; Jan: 2)
Sharpton: 4 (Apr: 3; Jan: 4)
Graham: 2 (Apr: 2; Jan: 0)
Kucinich: 1 (Apr: 0)
Braun: 1 (Apr: 1)
Edwards has finally broken into double digits in a poll, and given that nearly half remain undecided, he may be poised for the best growth.

Forget Kerry's and Dean's numbers, they won't (and don't have to) play in SC. This state is between Lieberman, Gephardt, Edwards, and Graham. Lieberman continues to fade, while Gephardt is in a slow (but perhaps statistical) slide.

If Edwards is to enter the top tier, it will be by improving his standing in South Carolina. This poll is good news for his organization indeed.

Now look at the favorable/unfavorable ratings of the candidates. They sure don't like the Democratic field down there! (Favorable/Unfavorable/Undecided)

Lieberman: 34/14/43
Edwards: 18/16/27
Gephardt: 29/23/27
Kerry: 12/17/12
Dean: 10/15/20
Sharpton: 13/27/28
Graham: 11/20/34
Kucinich: 4/13/2
Braun: 6/11/16
Clark: 13/4/15
Biden: 16/13/21
Lieberman is the only candidate with solid favorable ratings. Clark has decent numbers as well, but only a third know who he is.

Posted August 07, 2003 08:58 AM


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