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Friday | August 15, 2003

More trouble for Davis

The latest California Field Poll shows support for recall increasing (58 percent, up from 51 last month). I doubt those numbers have plateued, but I do fully expect the recall portion to be a lot closer than most people think.

One reason is Schwarzenegger, and the barrage he will take from all sides. While refuses to state any positions, two have eked out --

  1. he voted for Prop 187, which I have already noted can motivate Latinos to turn out,

  2. he may raise property taxes.
This second point was made by Warren Buffett, Arnold's senior economic advisor. It's a valid issue -- property taxes are too low in this state, forcing it to rely on far less predictable income taxes -- but it's the third rail of California politics. Schwarzenegger will get pummeled in the suburbs if he even hints at touching property taxes.

So right there, Arnold faces two explosive issues, one which Davis/Bustamante can wield against him, the other Simon/McClintock can use.

Furthermore, Arnold is on the defensive over his visit with Enron's Ken Lay, who is a boogeyman in this state. While the LA Times reported the meeting when it happened, Schwarzenegger has now developed amnesia:

"I don't remember the meeting," Schwarzenegger said Thursday.
Schwarzenegger hopes to fill the void of his (lack of) campaign issues with important figures to add "heft" to his candidacy (kind of like Cheney and Bush).

Buffett (a Democrat) was the first. George Shultz has followed. And Schwarzenegger's people now claim they have snagged hard-core Democratic activist Rob Lowe as an "adviser".

Posted August 15, 2003 10:15 AM


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