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Friday | August 15, 2003

Latest Fox poll

The latest Fox News national Dem numbers are out (June results in parenthesis):

Undecided: 25 (34)
Lieberman: 18 (15)
Kerry: 13 (15)
Gephardt: 12 (7)
Dean: 11 (4)
Other: 5 (8)
Sharpton: 5 (2)
Braun: 4 (3)
Edwards: 3 (5)
Graham: 2 (5)
Kucinich: 2 (2)
Usual caveats apply -- national polls are good only to determine matters of momentum. They are not predictive of electoral success. For that, you must look at state specific polls from the key primary states.

In any case, this poll is good news for Lieberman, Gephardt and Dean. Dismal news for Edwards, who continues his long slide into oblivion. (You know things are bad when both Sharpton and Braun outpoll you in multiple polls.)

Just for fun, take a look at the January results of this same poll:

Lieberman: 29
Undecided: 20
Gephardt: 15
Kerry: 13
Other: 8
Edwards: 8
Sharpton: 5
Dean: 2
It's interesting that statistically, Kerry and Gephardt haven't budged. Lieberman has stabilized after his first precipitous drop, and Dean is gradually gaining steam.

Now, here's a question. Why the hell would Fox ask this asinine question?

In the 2004 presidential election, letís say the Republican ticket is President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney versus a Democratic ticket of former Vice President Al Gore for president and New York Senator Hillary Clinton for vice president.†If the election were held today, which ticket would you support?"
Talk about making shit up.

Posted August 15, 2003 01:59 PM


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