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Saturday | August 16, 2003

Everyone hates everyone in California

From that Field Poll showing Bustamante with a 25-22 lead over Scharzenegger:

"On the same recall election ballot, voters will be asked who they would choose to replace Davis as governor in the event that he is recalled. There will be a large number of candidates on the ballot and I would like to ask you about a few of them. As I read each, please tell me whether you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion or whether you donít know enough about that person to have an opinion. Is your opinion of [see below] favorable or unfavorable?" Names rotated; N=448 likely voters, MoE Ī 5
Favorable | Unfavorable | No Opinion †

Bill Simon 32 | 54 | 14 †
Arnold Schwarzenegger 44 | 40 | 16 †
Cruz Bustamante 40 | 40 | 20 †
Arianna Huffington 18 | 53 | 29 †
Tom McClintock 28 | 32 | 40 †
Peter Ueberroth 32 | 26 | 42 †
Peter Miguel Camejo 6 | 23 | 71
No candidate has a clear advantage on the favorability ratings, indicating a close partisan divide. Except that California isn't a close, partisan state. Dems have a solid majority.

So long as Dems turn out, we should at very least get Bustamante elected. Though I'm increasingly confident Davis will pull it off.

Arnold with a 40 percent unfavorability rating? Not good. And seriously, how can he raise those numbers? The more people see him, the less they see a potential governor. (And what's with Arianna's numbers?)

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