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Tuesday | August 19, 2003

Bombings in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan

Suicide bombers struck the UN HQ in Baghdad, killing the UN envoy to Iraq and at least 14 others.

The attack on the UN was likely intended to humiliate the US, who is responsible for security in the country.

Lucky for the world, Bush said he wouldn't be intimidated by the Iraq bombing. He further added he was on vacation in Texas surrounded by Secret Service personnel, so why would he be intimidated? But he did share in the pain of those dealing with his mess in Iraq by cutting short a game of golf.

Oh, and the attacks show how desperate the guerillas and terrorists are yadda yadda yadda. So desperate they can take out Americans seemingly at will. (Yeah, another US soldier killed in an explosion of unknown origin.)

Meanwhile, another bus bombing in israel killed three 13 people in Jewish west Jerusalem.

And in Afghanistan, otherwise known as the War We Already Won (TM), the Taliban has regrouped and is on the offensive. Some reports in regional newspapers have indicated the Taliban have retaken Zabul province, though that report was never confirmed. Indeed, while Zabul is clearly a hotbed of Taliban activity, Karzai appears to be, at least, in nominal control.

Calpundit notes that Bush has no clue about the military operation in Afghanistan that he's supposedly overseeing.

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