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Thursday | August 21, 2003

So would Arnold raise taxes?

Somebody tell the Schwarzenegger campaign to hurry and get on message. Specifically, will he raise taxes are not?

It started when his chief economic adviser, Democrat billionaire Warren Buffet, suggested a reexamination of Prop. 13 -- the third-rail of California politics that keeps property taxes capped.

Yesterday, Arnold furiously backtracked:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican candidate in California's recall race for governor, said he would hire an outside auditor to go through the state budget and identify potential areas to cut. He also pledged to avoid raising taxes.
He even promised to force Buffet to "drop and do 500" pushups if he ever mentioned raising taxes again.

Yet today we get this:

California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger would consider boosting taxes to mend the state's battered finances and lift its rock-bottom credit rating, the Republican's spokesman said on Thursday.
So which is it?

Now let's sit back and watch Republicans tear Arnold a new one. His campaign is just over a week old, and it's already looking a great deal like Simon's last year.

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