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Friday | August 22, 2003

Ten commandments remain in place

In my 32 years, I've gone from devout Catholic, to confused Catholic, to militant atheist, to tolerant atheist. I've spent time on the entire spectrum of religious belief and disbelief, and reached one final conclusion: I don't care what you believe as long as you don't try to impose it on me. If all believers lived by that rule, we'd be a much peaceful world and avoid silliness like that going on in Alabama.

Alabama has now joined California, Florida and Texas as "national jokes", with a Chief Justice disobeying a direct order from a federal judge (upheld by the US Supreme Court) to take down a massive monument to the Ten Commandments on court grounds.

May I suggest that Justice Moore is in the wrong profession? It goes without saying that his dissent is a breach of his oath of office (which I'm sure included "so help me God" or some derivative).

The protesters attempting to save the monument -- they have every right to protest. That's the American way. But Justice Moore "dissenting" is akin to a reservist going AWOL to avoid serving in the Gulf. Once you raise that right hand and affirm an oath you have a duty to perform.

Justice Moore should be stripped of his bar membership. (Not that he doesn't have a bright future in politics.)

Update: The judge has been suspended.

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