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Saturday | August 23, 2003

Another poll on the recall

This one, from the LA Times, pegs recall support at 50 percent, with 45 opposing.

We can't compare this poll to other polls, as they don't share methodology. And I think it's the first LA Times poll on the race, so we can't get a feel for trends.

But it does provide grist for those of us who thing Davis has a good chance of pulling this off.

Ultimately, it will all be decided by turnout. And as most pollsters in this race have admitted, there's very little they can do to predict turnout in this race.

Kevin Thurman has my back, while Matthew Yglesias says I'm wrong.

Actually, no one can say whether I'm wrong or not. They won't be able to until after the election (funny how those things work).

Democrats are generally against the recall. Republicans for it. I have no clue who will turn out. Those of us trying to predict this race are doing just slightly more than flipping a coin.

But everytime Democrats take actions to rally their base, it increases Davis' chances of victory. The more I see of that, the more confident I become.

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