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Sunday | August 24, 2003

Bustamante has solid lead, Schwarzenegger is stagnant

Jerome Armstrong

Is Schwarzenegger going to be the next Republican to drop out, because "there are too many Republicans" running? He should, as the latest poll numbers out of California show a solid consolidation of Democrats behind the Lt. Gov. Bustamante, and a flat showing by Schwarznegger. But that's only the beginning of the bad news for Arnold.

Schwarznegger has a favorable rating at 46% and an unfavorable rating at 44% with just 10% undecided, meaning that there's very little potential for Arnold to show growth. To top off the bad news for Schwarznegger, while McClintock (from 9% to 12%) and Ueberroth ( from 5% to 7%) have increased their poll standings from the Field Poll done earlier this month, Schwarznegger's the only candidate of the top contenders who is not showing any momentum-- this despite the 24/7 media saturation with all things about Arnold.

When Bustamante's double-digit lead is confirmed by further polling, the demise of Arnold will become conventional wisdom. For now, this polling makes harder to imagine a scenario in which the Republican's are victorious in California.

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