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Monday | August 25, 2003

Meetup numbers, Clark candidacy

This is interesting. While Dean is far and away the king of the Meetup (there's no story there), what's more interesting is the battle brewing below.

Despite the fact that Kerry has been pushing his Meetup hard, he's now been passed by the unannounced candidacy of Wesley Clark.

And, to add further insult to injury, Kucinich should surpass Kerry today (or soon thereafter). As of 11 p.m. EST Sunday:

1. Dean: 90,083
2. Clark: 9,254
3. Kerry: 9,180
4. Kucinich: 9,111
It's clear a Clark candidacy would provide a serious jolt to the race, likely taking support in varying doses from Dean, Kerry, Lieberman and Edwards. The only candidate that would seem to benefit from a Clark candidacy, at least initially, is Gephardt, making an Iowa victory an easier proposition (thanks to a weakened Dean).

Clark's still must raise money, and lots of it. The competing Draft Clark movements make organization a somewhat easier task, but Clark would still need to bring in experienced hands. If any are left.

Regardless, there's no doubt Clark can inject a great deal of excitement in the race. And I am willing to bet Clark will run to Dean's left, given his latest rhetoric and what little of his writings exist.

As for Dean, he's doing his part to head off a Clark candidacy:

"Yes," Dean said when asked whether he would consider asking the former NATO supreme commander to join his ticket.

"There would be a great many people, of course, that would be considered as a potential running mate. And I must say, I think it's much too early to discuss potential running mates. I mean, we're five months from the time the first official vote and delegate selection takes place.

"So I find it very premature. But I think Wes Clark, he's somebody I keep in close touch with. He's a terrific person, very bright, very capable, very thoughtful. Our views coincide on a number of matters, and he is -- I certainly can't say enough good things about him. It would be tough to run against him."

We'll know in 1-2 weeks whether Dean was successful.

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