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Wednesday | August 27, 2003

Dean Surges in NH

by Jerome Armstrong

Kos is busy trying to find his luggage (long story), so I'll make this short and sweet (for me).

Zogby has a New Hampshire poll out that shows Dean with a resounding lead:

Nearly two in five (38%) supported Dean, giving him a substantial lead over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry at 17%. In February polling in New Hampshire, Kerry led Dean, 26% - 13%. In June, the gap had narrowed to Kerry 25%, Dean 22%.

All other Democratic presidential hopefuls remained in single digits, with Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt tied at 6%, followed by North Carolina Senator John Edwards at 4%, and Florida Senator Bob Graham and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich at 1% each. Former NATO Commander and retired General Wesley Clark, not yet a declared candidate, earned 2%.

Dean's increase of 16% over the amount he recieved in Zogby's last poll comes half from Kerry, a quarter from the other candidates, and a quarter from those undecided voters. There still remain 23% who are unsure of who they will support, but it's clear that Dean is the frontrunner.

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