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Thursday | August 28, 2003

Lott -- "cut domestic programs to fund Iraq"

Chris Matthews is beating up on Trent Lott right now, asking how much "Bush's war" will cost US taxpayers in a time of record deficits. Given the choice between raising taxes, more deficit spending, or cutting domestic services, Trent chose door number three -- cutting domestic services.

It's remarkable -- seeing Bush and his cabal on the defensive. And the war is now indefensible.

Turning to CNN, a report is airing complaints that the administration hid the true costs of war.

The true cost of war? "Tens of billions", says Bremmer. Also today, two more Americans have died in Bush's war.

Back to MSNBC, Trent Lott, in that Matthews interview, denied vehemetly it was "Bush's war" -- he claimed it belonged to all of the US, and to the Congress who voted for the war. And to the Democrats who voted for it.

Fair enough. It belongs to every person who voted for it. Including the Democrats.

I hope they can sleep at night after their sick little political "calculation". Voting for this war was a BAD move. A bad move for the 331 allied troops who have given their lives. A bad move for the people who depend on the social programs that Trent Lott will cut to pay for it. A bad move for the thousands of innocent Iraqis who have given their lives. A bad move for the tens of thousands of injured.

So yes, I blame Congress -- every last person who voted for the war.

But at the end of the day, it was Bush's lies that created the impetus for that vote. So, without a doubt, this is Bush's War. Whether he likes it or not.

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