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Thursday | August 28, 2003

North Korea: we're a nuclear power

By Steve Gilliard
U.S.: NK says it may test nukes

(CNN) -- North Korea has told multi-party talks in Beijing it is preparing to declare itself a nuclear nation and is contemplating testing nuclear weapons, a U.S. official said in Washington.

The question from the U.S. administration standpoint, the official said, is "whether this is a serious and irreversible statement or part of their past pattern of starting every conversation by being threatening to see if it wins them something."

"Reports back to us from the delegation are that they (North Korea) said they were preparing to declare themselves a nuclear nation and contemplating testing," the administration official told CNN Thursday.

Bush, making the world safer for Democracy.

Is anyone noticing the complete failure of US policy in Korea? Bush's dislike fo Kim Jong Il is driving policy to a frightening degree. These folks have failed in Afghanistan, failed in Iraq and now want to fail in Korea. The BBC announced a poll held in China a few days ago, where 57 percent suggested that China should intervene in Korea if the US attacks. The poll also said the US is also the greatest threat to peace in the world.

We have to deal with the Koreans. We don't have any choice. No one who knows Korea wants a conventional war there. A nuclear war would be truly disasterous. A truly awful and avoidable thing. But Bush has to let go of his false macho world view. He can't bully the Koreans.

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