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Sunday | August 31, 2003

Latest CBS National Poll

The results of the latest national poll on the Democratic fight for the nomination:

Lieberman 14
Gephardt 11
Dean: 10
Kerry: 5
Sharpton: 5
Graham: 4
Edwards: 2
Braun: 2
Kucinich: 0
And check this out:
Two-thirds of voters -- including two-thirds of Democrats -- were unable to name any of the Democratic candidates for president, said the CBS News poll out Sunday [...]

Four in 10 Democratic voters said they were satisfied with the current field of nine candidates, while half said they would like more choices.

So is this a sign of a stupid electorate -- can't name a single candidate, yet want more choices -- or a sign of ridiculous poll questions? If a respondent can't name a single candidate, of course s/he will want more choices.

In any case, these national polls are best used to gauge momentum, but I wasn't able to find any previous CBS News poll on the race. In any case, the most important polls are those from the early primary states. We have plenty of polling from NH and IA. It would be nice to see more polling from SC, OK, AZ, NM, DE and a few of the other early primary states.

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