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Wednesday | September 03, 2003

Clark is a Democrat

Retired Gen. Clark Says He's a Democrat

"As I looked at where the country is now domestically and look at our policies abroad, I have to say that I'm aligned with the Democratic Party, I like the message the party has. I like what it stands for," Clark said in an interview on CNN's "Inside Politics."
My first reaction to this story was "no shit". Of course Clark is a Democrat, and as I've said before, I suspect he'll run to Dean's left if he enters the race.

But then again, given the sorry state of our party, it's great to see the headlines trumpeting that a former NATO commander and highly decorated general is a Democrat.

That's why I don't fear a Clark run -- I think it would be great for the public to disassociate itself from the notion that Democrats and the military are somehow incompatible.

So I hope they (the media) trumpet this everywhere -- Clark is a "proud" Democrat. I knew that already and so did you. But let it filter down to the public at large. Heck, let the talking heads like George Will let loose and bash a great American hero.

One party supports the welfare and safety of our men and women in uniform. And here's a hint -- it's not the Republicans. Clark can make this case to the American people better than anyone else.

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