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Thursday | September 04, 2003

Latest Zogby Poll out of South Carolina

It's out. Good news for Edwards, Dean and Kerry. Bad news for everyone else. Most people still have their heads in the sand. (July results in parenthesis.)

Undecided: 46 (42)
Edwards: 10 (5)
Dean: 9 (4)
Kerry: 8 (5)
Lieberman: 8 (13)
Someone Else: 6 (10)
Sharpton: 5 (8)
Gephardt: 4 (8)
Graham: 2 (3)
Clark: 2 (-)
Braun: 1 (3)
Kucinich: .5 (.2)
This poll was taken after Kerry's South Carolina announcement. Ouch. His numbers need to rise if he expects to use South Carolina as his fallback state if he loses NH to Dean.

Edwards needs to win SC if he hopes to remain in the race. Liberman's fall is great news for Edwards' campaign. And if Dean wins the state? Jeez, that sounds like crazy talk... Anyway, here's Zogby's spin:

This campaign is not even on the radar screen in South Carolina. While Edwards and Dean have made gains since our last poll, it is more like a bump on a carpet than a surge. No candidate has the edge, and it looks like South Carolina will be shaped by Iowa and New Hampshire. In this kind of vacuum, Clark may seize the moderate mantle. Once a hope for Lieberman, this looks like an early fizzle. Gephardt’s support is reduced to half of what it had been. Graham is nowhere. If Kerry’s announcement this week helped him, could he actually have been lower than 8% before? And Sharpton is only getting single-digit support among African Americans. This is wide open.

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