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Thursday | September 04, 2003

Pandering in Spanish, 20 yard penalty

Since I'm in a "eat our own" mode, let me continue: I just saw Dean try to pass a line about health care in Spanish. Earlier on, Lieberman tried his hand at Spanish as well. Both efforts were ghastly.

Stop it! It doesn't work. Latinos are not impressed. If you speak fluent Spanish, like Jeb Bush or Bill Richardson, then great. Use it. If you don't, like George Bush, Al Gore, and just about every other politician "wooing" Latinos, then it's painful.

So throw that in with the weeping, the silly family photo ops, and the gratuitous references to God.

Eating our own? Hardly. It's calling out horrid campaign tactics, and I don't apologize for it. Republicans don't have a monopoly on the gag reflex.

p.s. Gephardt was impressive in the debate. Far and away the best performance of the night. And I looked closely -- he does have eyebrows.

But someone buy him a thesaraus. He needs another word for "miserable" and another word for "failure".

And what was up with Sharpton? How did he miss the debate? Travel problems? He doesn't do anything but attend the debates!

p.p.s. Ack! I just saw Kucinich give a line in Spanish. Please make them stop!!!!

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