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Monday | September 08, 2003

Put a Price Tag on that Price Tag!

by RonK, Seattle

GWB wants an $87B budget bump to "stay the course" in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's going to get it. Congress is not about to let our troops go without boots, or let Baghdad go without the basics (if we can help it), or let Halliburton go without pork, or let that pork go without gravy. Not gonna happen.

But shouldn't the gang that maneuvered us into this ambush pay some kind of price for the bail-out?

What pound of shame-faced POTUS flesh should Congress, Kofi Annan, the Axis of Chocolate, the CIA or the 4th ID non-com's demand in return for their sign-off on Plan Iraq, Version 2.0?

Your favorite neo-con's head on a stick? Repeal of the Estate Tax repeal? Aggressive SUV fuel efficiency standards?

Mandatory french fries with every order off the House menu? Public disclosure of Condi's old family yellowcake recipe?

A pledge not to seek reelection?

Remember -- ya don't ask, ya don't get.

Update [2003-09-14]: Kos readers offer numerous suggestions. Among the best: Send the bill to the "red states." (Marie) ... Ratify the International Criminal Court convention (grytpype) ... Restore upper-bracket tax rates to pre-Bush levels (several) ... Send our misleaders to Iraq, "T" for Traitor tattooed on their foreheads (Marisacat) ... Plate of crow, side of freedom fries. (VogonPoet) ... Public apologies and/or exile to Guantanamo, Iraq, Crawford, Papua New Guinea, the Arctic Circle, etc. (several) ... Relief for servicemembers, families, vets (several) ... Nationalize Texaco, Halliburton, Diebold and FOX (Jesse in SD) ... Winner-take-all Florida recount (ROGNM) ... Wealth tax on GWB contributors (Marie, on a roll) ... Investigations, show trials (several) ... Give the President a "No Child Left Behind" math test on live TV (folkbum).

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