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Wednesday | September 10, 2003

Another "wonderful" day in Iraq

Rumsfeld gushed at the "wonderful start" to the Iraq occupation, and he's proven increasingly correct every day!

A suicide bomber killed himself and an Iraqi child and wounded more than 50 people, including six U.S. personnel, according to local people and the U.S. military on Wednesday.

In the fifth bomb attack in Iraq in as many weeks, a four-wheel drive vehicle stopped suddenly in front of a house in the Kurdish city of Arbil in northern Iraq on Tuesday evening and exploded with the driver inside, residents said.

They said the house was being used by U.S. intelligence agents. A military spokeswoman initially said it had been a "safe house." Later, military press officers became tightlipped, confirming only that a blast had taken place in Arbil [...]

A U.S. soldier became the 68th to be killed in action in Iraq since the official end of major combat when his vehicle ran over a homemade bomb northeast of Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon, the military said. Another soldier was wounded.

If the house was indeed being used as a safehouse by US intelligence services, then its attack would signify an inside job. It seems doubtful Al Qaeda agents (or its Ansar al-Islam allies) or Baathists would know of the safehouse's location without having been tipped off.

But whatever, the bombing is another wonderful victory for the US "War on Terror" according to Bush. You see, every time US forces are killed in Iraq we should celebrate, because those very same terrorists would otherwise be killing Americans here in the US.

See? Killing Americans in Iraq is good. Killing Americans in the US is bad.

Glad we got that cleared up.

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