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Wednesday | September 10, 2003

In the Loot ... er, Loop

by RonK, Seattle

WaPo's Al Kamen pens a very punchy In the Loop this morning, starting with the unveiling of international business law heavyweight Zell, Goldberg & Co.'s "task force dealing with issues and opportunities relating to the recently ended war with Iraq" (link):

Interested parties can reach the law firm through its Web site, at www.fandz.com. Fandz.com? Hmmm. Rings a bell. Oh, yes, that was the Web site of the Washington law firm of Feith & Zell, P.C., as in Douglas J. Feith ... now undersecretary of defense for policy and head of -- what else? -- reconstruction matters in Iraq.

In other developments, CIA's "Alan Foley ... recently head of the Weapons Intelligence, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Center, is calling it quits next month".

Embedding the yellowcake connection in a triple negative, Foleys admits (or denies ... we report, you decide) "I can't deny that the pressures of the past few months have not weighed heavily in my mind".

State Dept. INR (intel) chief Carl Ford is also "said to be moving on". By my reckoning, Mr. Kamen's comings-and-goings beat is in for a career year. Jenga, anyone?

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