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Wednesday | September 10, 2003

Rumsfeld spins; Lehrer not sucked in

by RonK, Seattle

Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld appeared on PBS's NewsHour with Jim Lehrer tonight (2003-09-10), discussing "coalition" "progress" in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Transcript, RealAudio, streaming video -- thx, DavidNYC. Correction: that's David in NYC, my apologies to both David's.)

Rumsfeld was cast as the arm-waving, tap-dancing used car salesman. The transcript text is perhaps too kind to Rumsfeld, who makes his trademark appeals to credulity in a borderline pathetic tone:

"Jim, JIM! You know what a set of wheels like this means, don't ya? It means FREEDOM, that's what it means. Sure, she runs a little rough, but look -- yeah, I know about that oil leak, we'll tighten that up, don't you worry -- look, Jim, this baby comes loaded ... WMDs, democracy, the works! What? Where are the WMDs? Just a sec, I know the hood release is under here somewhere. Aw, Jim, gimme a break willya? It's been a lousy month, old Don really needs this sale."
Jim was the prospective buyer. The audio does not do the encounter justice, as Lehrer's incredulous facial expression virtually screams ...
"You know it's a lemon. I know it's a lemon. You already know I'm not buying it. I can't believe you have the gall to make me sit through this whole song and dance. Why not spare us both a little time and a little dignity? Just bring out something worth looking at, and we can talk."
Possibly a collectors item.

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