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Thursday | September 11, 2003

Dean/Clark, Clark/Dean, ???/???

by RonK, Seattle

The WaPo report of Dean/Clark negotiations has already drawn considerable comment in other threads.

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has asked retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark to join his campaign ... the two men discussed the vice presidency at a weekend meeting in California, sources familiar with the discussions said.
Some take this report more seriously than others. From my perspective, it would create a strong ticket but questionable executive chemistry, and would violate Clark's decision-making style ... so I doubt it has a pulse.

There's more to it than that. It can now be revealed that the Dean-Clark meeting in California was the cover for a decidedly more consequential encounter. The real dark horse in the presidential derby is a familiar face. It's not Al Gore, and it's not Hillary Clinton.

It's a Washington insider, progressive Democratic party stalwart, ubiquitous talking head, Barney Frank's sister, former Clinton White House Communications Director Ann Lewis (who just happens to be in CA working on the recall).

If Ms. Lewis can translate her connections, media savvy and precedent-setting insider/outsider appeal into the high single-digit preference numbers in a key state or two, look for the General to park his bandwagon and sign on as VP. Now that's a ticket with truly historic potential!

Treat this as an open thread, and if you like, nominate your own dream ticket!

UPDATE: THIS JUST IN -- Unabridged dictionaries recalled!

In conjunction with Merriam-Webster & Co., Amazon.com announces a parcel express trade-in arrangement by which millions of defective references will be replaced.

Due to a subtle error in computer-compositor sofware, a number of commonplace English words were unintentionally omitted from the latest Unabridged. Restored words include such workhorses as 'gullible', 'credulous', 'unsuspecting' and 'sardonic'.

Thank you all for playing. -- RonK

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