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Monday | September 15, 2003

Looks like Clark is in

All signs point to yes:

On the verge of running, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark on Monday summoned his fledgling political team to Arkansas to discuss strategy for mounting a Democratic presidential campaign.

Several party officials said legal, financial and political advisers were invited to the Tuesday session in Little Rock, Ark. They were told Clark had made a decision about whether to run, but they were not told what it was.

Clark told friends and associates last week that he is likely to run, and Monday's developments left little room for doubt about his intentions.

"We haven't been told for sure, but I think we know what this is about," said George Bruno, a New Hampshire activist who will attend the meeting. "It's up to the boss to call the shots."

Not the most opportune time to announce, as the nation's media braces itself for hurricane coverage 24-7.

Pity poor Edwards, who'll have his "campaign announcement" on the 15th eclipsed by two hurricanes, one of the weather variety, and the other political (the general's announcement). Dean gets a breather from all the constant attacks. He'll get a few weeks of relative quiet before his Q3 numbers (dare I predict $15 million?) pull him right back into the limelight.

Kerry looks like he's floundering, especially with Lehane's resignation. And Clark upstages him on the military credentials front. Edwards now has to share the stage with another Southerner. Graham is literally irrelevant.

Gep and Lieberman, while losing some support, should do fine. As should Dean. If Clark enters, this race will come down to those four. Everyone else will just be garnish.

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