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Tuesday | September 16, 2003

Blix: Iraqi WMDs destroyed 10 years ago

It looks like we went to war against Iraq, causing untold casualties, hundreds of US deaths, at a cost of $200 billion, to negate the "imminent threat" Saddam posed 10 years ago.

To wit:

Former U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix now believes Iraq destroyed its weapons of mass destruction 10 years ago and that intelligence agencies were wrong in their weapons assessment that led to war.

In an interview with Australian radio from Sweden, Blix said the search for evidence of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons would probably only uncover documents at best.

"The more time that has passed, the more I think it's unlikely that anything will be found," Blix said in the interview, which was broadcast on Wednesday.

"I'm certainly more and more to the conclusion that Iraq has, as they maintained, destroyed almost all of what they had in the summer of 1991," Blix said.

What's funny is that at this rate, they may not even find documents. At least no documents dated more recently than 1991.

Oh, and this will encourage our allies to send more help:

AN Albanian coalition soldier has been killed and 11 Iraqis wounded in a grenade attack in the northern city of Mosul, the US army said today.

"On September 15 a group of Albanian soldiers were attacked at 4pm (10pm AEST) in front of the city hall in Mosul when a grenade was thrown at them," said a spokeswoman.

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