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Wednesday | September 17, 2003

Dean surges in California

The latest Field Poll shows that as of now, California is
Dean-friendly territory. (July results in parenthesis)

Undecided 29 (33)
Dean 23 (16)
Lieberman 15 (14)
Kerry 11 (15)
Gephardt 8 (7)
Braun 4 (2)
Clark 4 (*)
Sharpton 3 (3)
Edwards 1 (4)
Graham 1 (3)
Kucinich 1 (3)
I'm no fan of the head-to-head matchups this early in the game (people instinctively choose the devil they know -- Bush, over the unknown opponent). But it's the first time I've seen any candidate defeating Bush in any state. And that candidate? Lieberman.

You guys who harp about Lieberman not being "electable" are wrong. He's electable, just like Clark, Dean, Edwards, Gephardt, Graham, and Kerry. He may not be our preferred candidate, but we could really do worse.

Bush's support against any of the top candidates is a solid 45 percent. And that number has been dropping through the last few Field Polls (as it's dropping in every other poll). California is not a Bush state, and he'd do well to ignore it. But hopefully he won't. California is expensive, and if we could divert some of those Bush millions into a wasted Cali endeavour, so much the better.

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