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Thursday | September 18, 2003

Gang up on Arnold time

The California candidates debated again today, and once again, Arnold was absent.

In fact, Arnold has decided to skip all debates except one next week in which the candidates will have advance notice of the questions.

So Bustamante came up with a great idea:

After asking repeatedly, "Where's Arnold?" Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante, the only major Democrat on the recall ballot, proposed that all the leading candidates in the election skip next week's debate and instead try to embarrass Schwarzenegger by holding their own unscripted session outside of the site where the forum will be held.

The three other candidates on stage with Bustamante -- columnist and political independent Arianna Huffington, Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo -- each expressed interest in the idea.

This is a phenomenal idea, and the fact the other top candidates are considering it seriously is a good sign.

It's in all of their interests to knock Arnold down a notch or three, so why pass up this sterling opportunity?

Oh, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals says it might rule tomorrow whether to reconsider en banc its recent ruling to delay the recall election until next March.

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