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Saturday | September 20, 2003

Clark leads latest Newsweek national poll

Clark is off to a good start: (July results in parenthesis)

Clark 14 (*)
Dean 12 (12)
Lieberman 12 (13)
Kerry 10 (10)
Gephardt 8 (14)
Sharpton 7 (6)
Edwards 6 (6)
Graham 4 (7)
Braun 2 (3)
Kucinich 2 (2)
Don't Know 19 (23)
So what does this tell us? Not much, I don't think. Some of the undecided went to Clark. Graham to Clark also makes sense.

But Gephardt supporters moving to Clark? No Kerry supporters defecting? I'm having a hard time seeing it. It'll bear watching.

As for Bush, the collapse continues:

 Meanwhile, as Americans focus on the fiscal realities of creating a stable Iraq, President George W. Bush’s approval ratings continue to slide, the poll shows. The president’s approval rating now stands at 51 percent, down 1 point from last week’s poll and from 65 percent on May 1, when major hostilities in Iraq ended.

For the first time in a year, Bush’s approval for his handling of the situation in Iraq has dropped below 50 percent to 46 percent, a 5-point drop from last week. Fifty-six percent of Americans say they think the amount of money being spent in Iraq is too high. And 57 percent of Americans now disapprove of how Bush is handling the economy, an increase of 6 points from only one week ago.

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