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Sunday | September 21, 2003

Recall support continues to wane

Yet another poll shows waning support for the recall. The latest, from the Public Policy Institute of California, has good news for both Davis, Bustamante, and McClintock, while Schwarzenegger treads water. (August results in parenthesis.)

Recall Davis?
Yes 53 (58)
No 42 (36)

Replacement ballot
Bustamante 28 (18)
Schwarzenegger 26 (23)
McClintock 15 (5)

What's interesting is that the recall still has significant support in the LA area, with 48 percent saying this will vote to recall. That's compared to 35 percent in the SF Bay Area, 66 percent in the Central Valley (which politically resembles Alabama), and 69 percent in non-LA southern California (like San Diego).

That explains to steady stream of Dem party heavyweights like Bill Clinton campaigning in the LA area. That's where this recall election will be won or lost.

More good news in this poll, regarding Prop 54, which would prohibit the state from collecting racial data.

If the election were held today, would you vote yes or no on Proposition 54?
Yes 38 (50)
No 44 (37)
Prop 57 doesn't even garner a majority amongst Republican voters.

Finally, Bush's California war bounce is history.

Bush 37
Democratic Nominee 46

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