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Sunday | September 21, 2003

Poll: Bush More Inept Than Dishonest


Democracy Corps has released results from a new poll by Stan Greenberg, and it has some fascinating findings about George W. Bush.

I can trust what President Bush is saying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 43%
I can not trust what President Bush is saying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 53%

Pres. Bush misled Americans about the dangers and threats Iraq posed before the war. 46%
Pres. Bush was honest w/ Americans about the dangers & threats Iraq posed before the war. 50%

Pres. Bush has a plan to win the peace in Iraq & to bring Amer. troops home as quickly as possible. 42%
Pres. Bush did not sufficiently plan for the post-war situation in Iraq and does not have a plan to win the peace and bring American troops home. 54%

Now, I am going to read you a list of words and phrases which people use to describe political figures. For each word or phrase, please tell me whether it describes George W. Bush…

Cares about people like you
49% Y 50% N

Honest and trustworthy
57% Y 42% N

For working and middle class families
44% Y 54% N

Has good ideas for addressing thecountry's problems.
49% Y 49% N

Can count on him to do what he says
64% Y 35% N

60% Y 37% N

Has good plans for the economy.
41% Y 56% N

Has good plans for Iraq.
44% Y 50% N

Seems in over his head.
48% Y 50% N

Too dependent on his advisors.
50% Y 43% N

They haven’t put out an analysis yet, but based on these numbers is looks like the American public is more willing to vote against Bush for ineptitude than dishonesty. He’s not dishonest—but he doesn’t know the truth. Either way, it doesn’t look good for W.:
Total The Democratic nominee for President 45
Total George W. Bush. 47
It’s worth noting that the % of Bush leaners willing to consider another candidate is far higher than people currently leaning toward a Democrat.

There’s lots more worth checking out here.

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