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Wednesday | September 24, 2003

Edwards' internal polls show SC surge

Edwards' numbers in Iowa and SC are rising according to their own internal polling.

In Iowa, the Dean and Kerry numbers actually look more impressive. In SC, however, Edwards does look extremely strong. (June numbers in parenthesis)

Dean 21 (12)
Kerry 20 (14)
Gephardt 18 (24)
Undecided 16 (25)
Edwards 10 (4)
Clark 7 (*)
Lieberman 6 (11)
Braun 1 (1)
Graham 1 (2)
Kucinich 1 (4)
Sharpton 0 (1)

South Carolina
Edwards 23 (14)
Undecided 23 (26)
Clark 13 (*)
Lieberman 8 (17)
Sharpton 8 (8)
Dean 7 (4)
Gephardt 6 (14)
Braun 5 (4)
Graham 4 (6)
Kerry 3 (6)
Kucinich 1 (1)

Note that the 14 percent Edwards got in SC in June is higher than any other poll has given Edwards in the state. But regardless the actual numbers, the trends definitely look good for Edwards. And terrible for Gep and Lieb.

A couple things about SC: 1) Much like Iowa will be a battle between Dean and Gephardt (and maybe Kerry), SC should feature a heated Clark/Edwards fight. That's why Clark targeted Edwards with the timing of his announcement. And, 2) Kerry's attempts to compete in SC are laughable. SC is not fertile ground for any New Englander.

And one question: where will Lieberman make his stand? SC? AZ? He's in real trouble.

(The poll was conducted by Global Strategies Group Sept. 20-23, in the midsts of Clark's post-announcement buzz. MOE +/- 4.9)

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