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Friday | September 26, 2003

New Recall vote, broken down by race/ethnicity

The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, the Pew Hispanic Center, USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism, and New California Media decided to examine the recall election based on race and ethnicity. The results:

Yes on recall 45
No on recall 47

Bustamante: 57
Schwarzenegger: 13
McClintock: 6
Camejo: 1
Huffington: 1
Someone Else: 4
Don't Know: 16

African American
Yes on recall 23
No on recall 65

Bustamante: 17
Schwarzenegger: 7
McClintock: 2
Camejo: 5
Huffington: 4
Someone Else: 29
Don't Know: 34

Yes on recall 56
No on recall 35

Bustamante: 22
Schwarzenegger: 20
McClintock: 15
Camejo: 0
Huffington: 1
Someone Else: 12
Don't Know: 28

Asian American
Yes on recall 44
No on recall 46

Bustamante: 25
Schwarzenegger: 22
McClintock: 4
Camejo: 3
Huffington: 4
Someone Else: 10
Don't Know: 30

This poll shows a complete turnaround from early polling (by other polling outfits) showing a great deal of Latino support for Arnold. But as I argued, that support would evaporate once Latinos learned of Arnold's ties to Pete Wilson, English Only, Prop. 187, etc.

Most of that Latino support for recall (45%) is not really anti-Davis, but genuine excitement for Cruz Bustamante and the possibility of snagging our first Latino governor.

Incidentally, the state airwaves are plastered with Davis and Bustamante ads, drowning out the odd Schwarzenegger piece. And the anti-recall, pro Bustamante ads are actually pretty good.

We're going to win this thing.

(Oh, and if you're Californian, vote "NO" on all the ballot initiatives.)

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