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Monday | September 29, 2003

Our very own spy novel

The White House is denying Rove had any role in the leak. But of course they will. There hasn't been enough pressure brought to bear to force them into full-mode damage control. They will first try and stonewall, seeing if they can ride it out for a news cycle or three.

Yet while the White House claims it won't conduct any internal reviews (curious for an administration supposedly obsessed with national security), it's clear that the White House has already conducted an internal investigation. How else would that WaPo source confidently explain that two senior officials had contacted "at least six" journalists with the Plame leak? That level of specificity suggests someone on the inside has been taking notes.

Six journalists. Novak is one. Wilson identified NBC's Andrea Mitchell as another.

This story has legs for various reasons, but the biggest? Everyone loves a good mystery. DC is bustling with speculation over who did the leaking. There are lots of people asking questions. It's only a matter of time before the names of the leakers are revealed.

And the story is sexy enough that it sells itself: a den of lies, a CIA under assault, spies exposed, operations and human assets revealed, and national security endangered by a rogue, vindictive and morally corrupt administration.

It's a real-life John Le Carre novel.

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