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Monday | September 29, 2003

Don't piss on the First Amendment

It really scares me to see so many of you calling for criminal prosecution of Robert Novak. Are you guys insane?

Do I really need to explain the First Amendment, and the freedoms it confers on the press?

Jeez, a free and open press is the best safeguard we have against the tyranny of government. That's why the administration's past cowing of the press was so dangerous, and why the press' willingness to be muzzled so frustrating. Any governmental action that seeks to chill the free excercise of press freedoms is a clear and present danger to every one of our rights.

So quit that crap. There's nothing wrong with what Novak did. Nevermind that it has done us a favor (exposing the lengths the administration will go to smear its opponents -- even endangering national security).

From Novak, to the Washington Post, to Drudge, to even little ol' me -- the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our Democracy, and none of us could do our work, whether for good or evil, without the protections it provides.

And remember, "good" and "evil" are subjective. You go after Novak today, they'll come for me tomorrow.

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