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Thursday | October 02, 2003

Asshole Republicans

Those classy Republicans are at it again.

A member of Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond's staff created a pro-Republican Web site called "N8354N," the tail number of the plane that crashed and killed Gov. Mel Carnahan, his son Randy and aide Chris Sifford [...]

Roy Temple, Carnahan's former chief of staff and a close friend of Sifford's, said the site was "created as a cruel way to hurt people."

"This goes way beyond politics," said Temple, a Democratic consultant. "It's about somebody doing evil things because they don't care they hurt real people. They ought to be ashamed."

The site, a blog, lived at n8354n.blogspot.com. Not only was the author an ass, but s/he went around other sites pretending to be a Democrat.
Temple traced the Web site to a member of Bond's staff by matching e-mail addresses of people who had accessed his own Web site and tracing identification numbers associated with those e-mail addresses. He found that someone posing as a Democrat had been sending e-mails from Bond's office and that same e-mail address was associated with the "N8354N" site.
So not only was this Bond staffer an ass, but also a liar.

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