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Friday | October 03, 2003

The Yellin Report: 10/3

By Stephen Yellin

Andrew Young is backing out of a Senate bid. He was expected to run for the seat. Instead, it looks like Michelle Nunn, daughter of Senator Sam Nunn, will run, not Young. Michelle Nunn is the Executive Director of Hands On Atlanta, a non-profit charity organization, and is a smart and capable leader. Her last name is gold among Georgians (if Sam Nunn had been up for reelection in 2002, not Max Cleland, we'd have a 50-50 tie in the Senate right now), and that will help a great deal.

In Washington State, two strong Democratic candidates have emerged for House seats. This is part of the DCCC's "Expand the Field" Program. Secretary of Economic Developement and wealthy Hotel Owner Don Barbieri will be running in WA-5 as the Democratic nominee. This district leans Republican, but was held by the legendary Tom Foley for many years (Foley was the Speaker of the House in 1994, when he lost his job). With five GOP candidates already running for this seat (help by George Nethercutt), Barbieri has a shot.

In WA-8, Alex Alben is running against Jennifer Dunn. Alben is a retired Internet Executive who plans on spending his own money against Dunn. Dunn won with 59 percent in 2002, so while she is the favorite, this seat might be competitive. This district actually went for Al Gore in 2000, so Dunn might have her hands full.

Nancy Boyda will be running against Congressman Jim Ryun. Boyda is a Pharmaceutical Executive who worked for the EPA in the Carter Administration. She recently switched from the GOP to the Democrats because of her dislike for what her former party was doing. Ryun won with 60 percent in 2002, and his district leans Republican, but Boyda may hold him down a bit.

Millionaire Banker John Works will be running against Congressman Bob Beauprez in CO-7. Unlike 2002 nominee Mike Feeley, Works is wealthy, and can spend his own money freely in this race. Since Gore won this district in 2000, and Beauprez won with just 47 percent in 2002, I think we can win this seat.

In addition, Congressman Tom Tancredo is getting a challenge from Joanna Conti, a businesswoman and a non-profit C.E.O. She is a strong candidate, and it must be remembered that in 2000 Tancredo got 53 percent against his Democratic opponent. He faced only minor opposition in 2002, but Conti is no pushover. I think this race may prove to be worth watching.

New Mexico
Democrats have found a strong challenger against Congressman Steve Pearce. Gary King, a former State Rep and son of beloved Governor Bruce King, is planning to run in NM-2. Pearce won against a weak challenger with 56 percent in 2002. With King's name recognition, this race could be a close one.

Governor Jim Douglas will be in for the fight of his political career in 2004. Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle, a Progressive/Democrat, has announced his candidacy for Governor. Were it not for a progressive 3rd party candidate in 2002, Doug Racine would be Governor of Vermont right now. By combining the Democratic and Progressive vote, Clavelle can win.

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