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Sunday | October 05, 2003

Democrats score big in LA

It was a good day for the Louisiana Democratic Party in today's open primary. In LA's unique electoral system, all candidates from all parties run in an open primary. If no candidate gets an outright 50 percent of the vote, the top two vote getters face off in a runoff election mid-next month.

Top of the ballot races:

Governor (Open seat)
Bobby Jindal (R) 33%
Kathleen Blanco (D) 18%
Richard Ieyoub (D) 16%
Claude Leach (D) 14%
Randy Ewing (D) 9%
'Hunt' Downer (R) 6%

Sure, Jindal was the top vote getter, but he had only one other Republican on the ballot with which to split the vote.

The four Democrats got a combined 57 percent of the vote, which should bode well for Blanco's chances in the runoff.

Lt. Governor (Open seat)
'Mitch' Landrieu (D) 52%
Clyde C. Holloway (R) 20%
Melinda Schwegmann (R) 17%
Kirt Bennett (R) 9%

Landrieu is the brother of Mary, and has won the seat outright. Landrieu clearly benefited from being the only Democrat on the ballot, and also demonstrated that Democrats, when united, were in the driver's seat.

Secretary of State
W. Fox McKeithen (R) 72%
'Al' Donovan (D) 23%
Scott Lewis (I) 5%

McKeithen, who was running for reelection, was the only Republican to avoid a runoff. Incumbency has its benefits.

Attorney General (Open seat)
Charles C. Foti (D) 54%
Suzanne Terrell (R) 46%

Ahh, this one felt good. Terrell was (Mary) Landrieu's opponent in the 2002 Senate race, and completely prostrated herself before the altar of Bush. It felt good when Mary beat her, and I love that Foti repeated the feat. Maybe Terrell will learn her lesson and quit trying to foist herself on Louisiana's voters.

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