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Tuesday | October 07, 2003

Clark campaign manager quits

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the troubles between the different Draft Clark movements and Fabiani's track record could see this coming.

Wesley Clark's campaign manager quit Tuesday in a dispute over the direction of the Democratic presidential bid, exposing a rift between the former general's Washington-based advisers and his 3-week-old Arkansas campaign team.

Donnie Fowler told associates he was leaving over widespread concerns that supporters who used the Internet to draft Clark into the race are not being taken seriously by top campaign advisers. Fowler also complained that the campaign's message and methods are focused too much on Washington, not key states, said two associates who spoke on condition of anonymity [...]

Fowler has been at odds with communications adviser Mark Fabiani of California and policy adviser Ron Klain of Washington. All three are veterans of Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign, part of a large group of Clinton-Gore activists hired by Clark as he entered the race Sept. 17.

As I say, process is important. Clark is a potentially exciting candidate, with the ability to grow our base and neutralize GOP advantages on military and national security issues.

But he aligned himself with the wrong crowd. Period.

As a former member of the draft movement, I have many friends within the movement who were tossed aside by the Fabiani team like rag dolls.

And more importantly, I believe strongly in the concept of netroots participatory democracy. Dean is Exhibit A of how technology can be used to let people take control of the political process. The Draft Movement was Exhibit B.


And it's not just me ranting about it. Not anymore.

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