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Thursday | October 09, 2003

Post-debate thread

Quick impression?

Judy Woodruff was ghastly. I don't think she realized this was about the candidates, not her.

Kerry had his best performance, by far.

Clark was okay, but I've seen him do better. Then again, he had a big bulls-eye painted on his forehead.

Dean was okay. He clearly benefits from having Clark in the race to take the heavy incominng fire.

Edwards was pretty darn good. I'll never understand why his poll numbers lag. On paper and in person he looks great. But people don't want to flock to him.

Gephardt was great. I like the aggressive Gep. I can't forgive his war vote (and the way he undercut Daschle's efforts to craft a better resolution), but I feel comfortable with him. And I don't mind him saying "miserable failure" over and over again.

Lieberman was okay, though he blew any goodwill I might've had for him by moralizing about Hollywood. Blah blah blah. I'll defend Lieberman's Democratic Party bona fides any day of the week (and I've done so in the face of the vast anti-Lieberman sentiment around these parts). But damn he's annoying.

Sharpton wasn't so funny this time. And if he's not funny, what's the point? Though he did put Woodruff in her place when she tried interrupting him.

Kucinich was creepy as always. You know, you all accuse me of hating this guy or that guy. But the only candidate I truly dislike is Kucinich. He makes my skin crawl.

Braun was present. I forgot what she said immediately after she said it. I was too focused on the guys who can actually win.

P.S. Frontline today is supposed to be killer.

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