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Friday | October 10, 2003

Dem Primary State Polls: CT, MI

Jerome Armstrong

Connecticut: Quinnipiac, Oct. 1-7, (July)

Lieberman 33 (37)
Dean 17 (17)
Clark 14 (-)
Kerry 14 (17)
Gephardt 5 (8)
Edwards 3 (3)
Sharpton 2 (3)
Braun 1 (4)
Kucinich 0 (0)
Graham 0 (0)

Michigan: Epic-MRA , Oct. 6-9, (July)

Dean 21 (13)
Clark 15 (-)
Gephardt 13 (19)
Kerry 13 (14)
Lieberman 12 (19)
Sharpton 4 (5)
Braun 4 (5)
Graham 2 (3)
Kucinich 2 (1)
Edwards 1 (6)
Undecided 13 (15)

Notes & Q's for the the kos readers:

Dean is in command. Men like Clark, women go for Lieberman. Edwards is dying on the vine. Gephardt (contrary to the CW) continues to fade. Kerry is still hanging around.

Both states show Clark making a strong jump from the gate, moving into second in both polls to Dean (absent the hometown Joe in CT). Clark's strong showing in national polls, these and other states, is in marked contrast to his lesser showing in the latest polls from IA (6-7%) and NH 5-10%). Clark's strategy will not differ too much from the "in it for the long haul" scenario that Lieberman was trying to promote. Maybe this will work, hard to say, as it seems to just boil down to the "I-wanna-be-the-alternative-to-Dean" meme.

Who is going to drop out next? My guess is Lieberman (since Clark now owns his strategy). I guess it might be Edwards, but I think he will make a last stand at his papa's house in SC. Braun, Kucinich and Braun don't count, they are only present on borrowed time. Is it true that DK (ha,ha;) has to file for his Ohio U.S. House seat by January 2nd? Hope so.

Also, in the Michigan poll above, Dean leads among those who would vote on the internet, by 11 percent over the next candidate. Arizona saw tremendous GOTV success in it's 2000 Dem primary voting (& 50% voted via the net). Is Michigan the only caucus/primary state to be planning on voting via the internet in 2004?

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