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Wednesday | May 29, 2002

Investigations galore

Bush is desperate to hold off an independant investigation into 9-11. The right-wing National Review is pessimistic Bush will succeed, noting that even without an independent investigation, there will be plenty of other investigations looking into the matter. Senate Democrats are already looking into the matter, and it's only a matter of time before "official" investigations are announced. And, Republican senators will be in no position to obstruct the hearings.

What the article doesn't state is that in addition to the intelligence committee investigations, and multiple committee investigations, and a possible blue ribbon panel independent investiation, you will have every Pulitzer yearning investigative reporter digging for the scoop of the year. Every leak will have added significance, and every event up to 9-11, whether coincidental or real, will be a dot to be connected.

Given that Enron is heating up, the multitude of 9-11 stories soon to emerge will put a serious dent in Bush's armor. And that's assuming that the SEC's new investigation into Halliburton and its last CEO, Veep Dick Cheney, doesn't become a political issue.

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