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Wednesday | May 29, 2002

Iraq war losing momentum

I generally enjoy getting my political news from right-wing sources like latest editorial calling for an invasion of Iraq. The article has tinges of desperation, as the editors see the possibilities of an Iraq invasion evaporate before their eyes.

It was conservative columnist Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times who first broke the story that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were adamantly opposed to an Iraq invasion. Apparently, the NRO editors have come to the same conclusion (conservatives have always had far better sources in the Pentagon than liberals), and are desperately trying to ratchet up the stakes: It's no longer the war on terrorism. Now it's the war on anyone who, well, I'm not quite sure. In their words:

It isn't just Saddam's WMD capability that should prompt the U.S. to rid the world of his regime as soon as possible, but the fact that his ouster can be just the beginning of an effort to transform the Middle East and to root out Islamic radicalism at its sources. It would give the U.S. the foothold to work on toppling, or radically changing the behavior of, Tehran, Damascus, Riyadh, and their client, whoever that may be at the time (Arafat or some other Palestinian strongman), in Ramallah.
So, according to the NRO, we bomb the crap out of Afghanistan, then bomb the crap out of Iraq (with no international support), occupy the country, bomb the crap out of Saudi Arabia (after occupying its oil fields, no doubt), bomb the crap out of Syria, and THEN, after all that death and destruction, declare victory against Islamic radicalism? Wow.

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